We want to better ourselves and outpace industry growth: CEO, Silver Arrows Automobiles


For long, Mercedes Benz has been associated with luxury, opulence, craftsmanship and innovation. And it is this legacy that Tushar Kumar, CEO, Silver Arrows Automobile, Ghaziabad, wants to continue by forging ahead as an unmatched Mercedes-Benz dealer. Kumar’s work mantra is to give excellent service through innovative procedures. Excerpts of the interview:

What is the story behind a name like Silver Arrows?
It was my dream to be faster than everyone else in the game. I was inspired by the tale of a white racing car, a Mercedes-Benz W 25, standing on the grounds of the Nurburgring in 1934. It got disqualified for being overweight. A technician decided to scrape off the top coat of the paint to reduce its weight, and keep it within the recommended weight limit of 750kg. When the sun hit the car, it made the silvery aluminium surface glisten from under the layer of paint.That’s how an eternal symbol was created.

What made you open another showroom in Ghaziabad?
The demographics and psychographics indicate a growing population of young customers.So, we too would like to be available at the click of a button.

Are you happy with the response?
We have seen phenomenal growth and have sold 3,000 cars and done more than 30,000 after-sales in three years.The market will grow eventually as we are confident that Uttar Pradesh will progress.Aspiring consumers’ access to the luxury car segment is one of the biggest advantages we have.

Have you set a target?
We look at bettering ourselves and outpacing industry growth. We are conveniently located in Hotel Asoka too, and are closer to the customers in South Delhi as well.

Thirteen per cent of our buyers are women entrepreneurs or white-collared top brass who like to drive in luxury.Through our mobile app, customers can even pay the service bill considering India’s current cashless theme.

How does Silver Arrows have an edge over others?
Our focus is on after-sales services and satisfaction.Customers choose to come to us for other facilities as well. As a brand, we are ready with Euro 6 compliance.

Isn’t pricing a factor?
We are available across price brands – Rs 15 lakh to Rs 32-35 lakh and above. We do have a line-up of new generation cars, CLA or GLA and a used-car segment.

Do we have the infrastructure to support fast cars?
Infrastructure doesn’t have much to do with fast cars becoming functional. It’s the way we are brought up and issues such as stringent licensing that need to be considered to bring about a change at all levels.