Daimler gives €5,400 bonus to some employees after profitable 2016


Slightly lower than last year’s €5,650 bonus.

2016 was the most successful year ever in terms of sales for the Mercedes-Benz brand after managing to deliver a total of 2,083,888 cars, representing a significant increase of 11.3 percent compared to 2015. At the same time, the company with the three-pointed star logo outshined its archrival BMW, which sold 2,003,359 vehicles in 2016. To celebrate this achievement, Daimler has decided to reward approximately 130,000 of its employees in Germany by handing out a bonus of up to €5,400 with their upcoming April pay.

It’s part of the profit-sharing scheme implemented by Daimler for the first time back in 1997. The bonus is calculated on a formula that links the group’s profit (before interest and taxes) with the return on sales. Because last year’s operating profit of €12.9 billion was slightly lower than the €13.2B registered in 2015, the bonus is a tad smaller compared to the €5,650 received in 2016. Daimler points out that even though it’s marginally lower; it’s still the second-highest bonus in the company’s history.

Mercedes-Benz’ most successful model in 2016 was once again the C-Class after racking up around 425,000 sales. The biggest market for the car last year was China where the company locally produces and sells a long-wheelbase derivative of the C-Class Sedan.

Mercedes-AMG had an amazing 2016 after sales jumped by a whopping 44.1 percent to 99,325 cars, while the Smart brand also performed last year after selling 144,479 units (up by 21 percent). In total, Mercedes and Smart delivered 2,228,367 passenger cars last year, which represents an increase of 11.9 percent over 2015.

Speaking about the group’s performances in 2016, Michael Brecht, Chairman of the General Works Council at Daimler AG, said the following:

“Throughout the company the colleagues showed an incredible performance, as the company’s figures clearly indicate. The reward for this great success for the workforce is well deserved. An important strategic aim of the General Works Council is achieved: The employees benefit from the year-end results and the gains in efficiency.”

Source: Mercedes-Benz